Essex Children’s Choir


The choir provides a model for children's achievement using the language of sound and

musical artistry

The ECC was founded on the principle that every child can achieve excellence through the gift of music. Through the pursuit of pure intonation and artistic expression, we strive to nurture a child’s natural creativity, joy, and individual ability in singing. Children discover the power of music through rhythm and beat, musical form, ear-training and sight-singing, vocal gymnastics, and improvisation.

Auditions are not held. All children are afforded the opportunity to learn. Our curriculum, founded by children for children, adheres to principles established upon the founding of American music education in Boston 1838. Music is an academic discipline that is dependent on the strength and passion of its community. Our responsibility as an organization is to provide a route of artistic and intellectual fulfillment for our students. Older members and alumni engage in peer mentoring and collaboration with younger students to further establish the value of focus, respect, and learning to learn.

From the folksong to contemporary arrangement, the voices of human history speak through song. In humble capacity, our program thrives on the essence of global musical heritages, including the Roots of Jazz, the Art Music of America. The literary contents, histories, and musical arrangements of our repertoire speak to an evolving pursuit of cultural and spiritual growth within and beyond our community.


Our Mission

Essex Children's Choir Enrollment period begins 
for the 2014-2015 season. 

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